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  • Absolutely delicious!! My husband and I are addicted. We were gifted this at Christmas and I've already ordered more. Almost too good to share! - Paige Wenzler

  • Excellent! A little taste of heaven! - Julie Knowles

  • The Toffee is the best toffee I have ever eaten. It is absolutely delicious! - Linda Hudgins

  • Love The Toffee. Great for client gifts or for party favors. Ships well — consistently fabulous. One of my favorite gifts to give or receive! - Stephanie Luttrell

  • This is the best stuff! It’s wonderful on its own, and also over ice cream! -  Elizabeth Mednikow

  • Very good! Soft crunch if that makes since. Great buttery flavor and rich chocolate, what is better than that.  - April Sanders

  • This is the best toffee I have ever had! Getting ready to place another order (just for myself) as I can’t get enough of it! Pro tip: order in bulk and keep extras in the freezer so you’re never without this toffee! Perfect for holiday gifting too. - Kathryn Cunningham

  • Absolutely delicious. This toffee is some of the best I have ever eaten. I was given some as a gift and I could not believe how soft and delicious it is. Thank you for the gift. - Fay Lester

  • I don't eat or buy toffee often, but THIS toffee really is "Heavenly Good." A friend shared some with me. Believe me when I say IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL! 😊❤️(And the packaging is so professional!) - Felicha McVay

  • A friend gave this to me as a gift and it’s outta this world good! - Felicia Luca

  • I would walk 5 miles to burn this fabulous toffee off rather than share with my husband. He doesn't need to discover how delicious this stuff is, it's bad enough that I'm hooked. :-) - Jan Loschky

  • This toffee is absolutely incredible!!! I could eat my weight in this stuff! - Kerry DeShazo

  • The toffee was amazing!!! So very yummy!!! - Lisa Templeton

  • Oh so yummy!!! We received this as a gift and what a great gift idea!! - Ashley Dufrene

  • Had a couple of friends over for a gathering tonight. As they were leaving, I handed them each a box of dark toffee. I hear Fran yelling loudly, "the Toffee did not even make it down the driveway!" Yep! - Paula Camillo

  • The Toffee...! It's indescribably tasty! So cravable too. Now I need another box! - Tracy Rampone

  • WARNING. IT IS ADDICTIVE! The very very best toffee I have ever put in my mouth. The best ingredients. Made with love and caring. TREAT YOURSELF and SHARE WITH FRIENDS if you do not devour before you are able to share great gifts. - Annette Franklin

  • Oh emmm geee! Amber's toffee is perfect. Melts in your mouth! It has the perfect crisp! Thank you!!! - Amanda Lavelle

  • Received the milk chocolate and pecan toffee as a gift and I am IN LOVE! The start of a new obsession! Perfect in every way...texture, taste, and even the cute packaging! - Melissa Kimbrough

  • Amber's toffee is delicious on ice cream, on brownies and on chips! A lot of goodness. It can't be beat. Perfect texture not sticky. My son says its magic in his mouth and that's no kidding around! - Amy Keys

  • Toffee so good it's the solution to world peace. - Julien Vincent

  • Well, I barely survived king cake season. I'm officially going to do myself in with this pecan toffee. Shipping was fast, the portion was accurate for the price, and Amber is a true professional. Thanks again! - Angela Durio

  • Amber's toffee was the best!!! The rich buttery taste with chocolate and Louisiana pecans was the perfect combination!! I gave my husband a tub for Valentines' day and caught him sneaking it for breakfast the next morning!!! LOL If you have not tried; you must! It is a special treat that will become a comfort food!! - Valerie Speed

  • Lord!!! This toffee melts in your mouth ... Heavenly good. I'm buying ice cream just so I can savor every crumb. You must try it. You will be thanking me. - Blythe Lamonica

  • Placed a 1/2 lb order, and decided at the last minute to up our order to 1 lb. Glad we did, since between me, my 3 girls, and my mom, we ate almost the entire pound in one night! Delicious! Thanks, Amber! - Courtney Hardin

  • Amber makes the absolute BEST toffee using only the finest Louisiana Pecans! No question what everyone on my gift list will be getting for Valentine's Day, Easter, birthdays and Christmas. - Keneth McLean



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