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  • Is The Toffee gluten free?
    Yes, in fact it is. But unfortunately it is not sugar or calorie free. ;)
  • What is the shelf life of The Toffee?
    In the freezer, it will keep for a year. In the cool, dry, dark pantry, it will keep for 6 months. But once your try it, The Toffee will never last that long in your house! ;) Do NOT put in the refrigerator. Keep out of the sun.
  • What kind of nuts are in The Toffee?
    We use only the best Pecans from New Roads, Louisiana. We do have a flavor that is NUT FREE. While we take every precaution for our nut allergy clients, please know that all of the Toffee is made in a kitchen that contains nuts. The no nut toffee is made on a separate day and is kept in a no nut freezer.
  • How do I make an order for Custom Labels?
    You can email your logo along with any messaging you want to include to There is a minimum order for custom labels.
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